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GT SONIC 9L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner 200W Ultrasonic Wash Tank

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: GT SONIC
Certification: CE/FCC/ROHS
Model Number: GT SONIC-R9
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 1 unit per carton, pear wool+inner carton+master carton
Delivery Time: 5-25 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 3000pcs/month
Product Name: Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Power Supply: 100-120V/200-240V
Tank Size: 300x240x150mm Heating Power: 300W
Ultrasonic Power: 200W Overall Size: 330x270x310mm
Tank Capacity: 9L Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
Digital Timer: 1-99 Min Temp. Range: 20-80℃
High Light:

9L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner


200W Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner


200W Ultrasonic Wash Tank

GT SONIC 9L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner 200W Ultrasonic Wash Tank


GT SONIC 200W Ultrasonic Wash Tank, 9L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner with Degas Timer


GT SONIC-R9 9L heated ultrasonic cleaner is an upgraded device that uses ultrasonic or high-frequency sound waves to clean many complicated and other delicate items. The vibration of the ultrasonic wave in the liquid will cause strong cavitation and emulsification. Millions of cavitation bubbles can be generated per second. Under the action of sound pressure, these bubbles are rapidly produced and continuously violent blasting, producing strong impact and suction force to remove stubborn dirt.


Specifications of Heated Ultrasonic Cleaners

Model Tank Size Unit Size Volume Ultrasonic Power Ultrasonic Frequency Heating Power Timer Heating Tem.
LxWxH(mm) LxWxH(mm) (L) (W) (KHz) (W) (min) (°C)
GT SONIC-R2 150*140*100 190*170*220 2 50 40 100 1-99 20-80
GT SONIC-R3 240*140*100 270*170*240 3 100 100
GT SONIC-R6 300*155*150 330*180*310 6 150 300
GT SONIC-R9 300*240*150 330*270*310 9 200 300
GT SONIC-R13 330*300*150 360*330*310 13 300 400
GT SONIC-R20 500*300*150 550*330*310 20 400 500
GT SONIC-R27 500*300*200 550*330*360 27 500 500


Features of Heated Ultrasonic Parts Washer

1. Unique degas function to achieve ultrasonic vacuum in the true sense.

2. Intelligent humanized control circuit to ensure the reliability of products and extend the service life of products.

3. 98% high conversion efficiency of the circuit, the reactive power loss is extremely low.

4. Digital display, power-off memory function, the operation is simpler and faster.

5. Scientific and practical control panel: heating temperature setting, heating switch, working time setting, degassing working mode, etc.

6. The product cleaning tank is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, which has a long service life and a beautiful appearance.

7. With soundproof lid, SUS304 basket, and drainage to quickly discharge the waste liquid (6L and above).


Applications of 9L Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

Jewelry especially gold, silver & platinum
Hospital & dental
Automotive and motor parts
Laser component
Electronic boards
Beauty & nail tools
Industrial parts and tools


About GT SONIC the Largest Supplier of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine in China

GT SONIC is the largest professional ultrasonic cleaners manufacturing enterprise with the most outstanding comprehensive strength, and the only listed company in the ultrasonic cleaning field within China, the stock code is 832018.
With ten years of specializing in ultrasonic cleaning machines, our product line has covered domestic ultrasonic cleaners, commercial ultrasonic cleaners, industry ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic medical equipment, and ultrasonic environmental protection equipment. Our products, along with our reputed trademark "GT SONIC", have attracted a large market share at home and abroad.
Except for providing standard machines in our brand, we also offer ODM/OEM service for many world-class companies. Service is motivated by our outstanding R&D team, efficient workers, and professional sales. GT Sonic has a domestic top R&D center with excellent engineers and grade scale fully equipment. We have 40000 square meters of the industrial park in Meizhou city of Guangdong province, and 1500 square meters of marketing center in Shenzhen, with over 300, experienced staff in total.
Due to our excellent R&D ability and rich manufacturing experience, we have obtained more than 100 patents that including invention patents, utility model patents, and design patents during the past decade.

As we continue to grow as an entity, we continue to innovate our products to meet the cleaning needs of tomorrow.
FAQ for GT SONIC and Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks

Q1. Who are we and what can we provide?
GT SONIC is the leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaners, and the only publicly listed company in this field in China. Among our standard product line, there are 20 different models of household ultrasonic cleaners, 7 series of benchtop ultrasonic baths (each series has 7 sizes), and 2 series of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines (each series has 6 sizes). We also provide OEM and ODM services for big companies and famous brands all over the world.
Q2. What do we need to consider before choosing an ultrasonic cleaner?

1. Size of the objects being cleaned

2. Substance of the objects being removed

3. Raw materials of the parts/objects

4. Ultimate cleaning goal. Example (quality, weight, production, and costs)

5. Functions.Example( ultrasonic power, timer, heater....)

Q3. What are the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning?

Easy handling Efficient Eco-Friendly Versatile Contaminant Removal Cost-effective

Q4. How to test your ultrasonic cleaners with the best cleaning effect?

Foil test: Take three tiny pieces of 4” x 8” of aluminum foil. Fold each of the foils over a rod then suspend the foil pieces into the tank, with one piece in the center of the tank, and each of the other two at opposite ends of the tank. Be sure the tank is filled to the max line. Turn on the ultrasonic cleaning system for 10 minutes. Inspect after removing the foil, all three pieces should be perforated and furrowed.

Glass slide test: Wet a frosted piece of glass with tap water, and draw an “X” on the frosted side of the glass, corner to corner with a number two pencil. Make sure the tank is filled to the correct level with a fresh ultrasonic cleaning solution. Immerse the glass into the tank and activate the system. The “X” should begin to be removed immediately and should be gone completely from the glass within 10 seconds.
Q5. How to maintain your ultrasonic cleaners? In order to function, the ultrasound cleaner needs an adequate solution and by now, you should know to Strong acid or alkaline cleaning solution will cause corrosion, rust, and even puncture of tank or machine body. To overcome this problem, dilute to mild PH solution or request for a tank made of a specific grade of stainless steel like SUS304. Always unplug the unit before draining the solution. Leaving the heating elements energized by accident can cause them to overheat and fail. Also, water and electricity don’t mix, and the combination can be lethal when the human body is involved with excess splashing. Do not operate the unit without fluid in the tank. When filling the tank, always ensure that the “MAX” marking is not exceeded. Do not run the device for an extended time or continuously. Do not hit the device. Be careful when moving the device.


Product Details of 9L Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

GT SONIC 9L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner 200W Ultrasonic Wash Tank 0GT SONIC 9L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner 200W Ultrasonic Wash Tank 1GT SONIC 9L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner 200W Ultrasonic Wash Tank 2GT SONIC 9L Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner 200W Ultrasonic Wash Tank 3

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