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LED Display SUS304 GT SONIC Cleaner Lab 6L With Memory Function

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: GT SONIC
Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS
Model Number: GT SONIC D6
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: PE Foam+ master carton
Delivery Time: 3-25 days
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T
Supply Ability: 500pcs per unit
Tank Size: 300**155*150mm Overall Size: 330*180*310mm
Ultrasonic Power: 150w Ultrasonic Frequency: 40kHz
Heating Power: 300w Timer: 1-99mins
Heating Temperature: 0-80℃ Material: SUS304
Degas Function: For Improve The Cleaning Effect
High Light:

LED Display GT SONIC Cleaner


SUS304 GT SONIC Cleaner


6L Lab Ultrasonic Cleaner

LED Display Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner GT SONIC Lab SUS304 6L With Memory Function
GT SONIC-D series ultrasonic cleaners are the improved version of the QTD series with dual power and degas function.40kHz frequency make it suitable for general cleaning applications. D series comprises 8 machine sizes from 2 liters to 27 liters.



GT SONIC D-series features:
  1. Normal and soft power control to resolve the cleaning blind spot.
  2. DEGAS function for improve the cleaning effect.
  3. User-friendly and clear panel.
  4. Memory function.
  5. LED display for temperature and timer.
  6. High-performance transducer.
  7. Patent products.


Industry Items to clean

Plastic tool models


--For cleaning.


Relay—remove metal filings and impurities,

Potentiometer-- impurities and oil stain on moving contact,

Vacuum tube parts-- Dirt and impurity on the polar plate of electron gun,

Semiconductor element--Dir on the surface of silicon wafer and crystal wafer,

Capacitor--Dirt on pins of capacitor,

Printed circuit board--Ink and oxide left during processing printed circuit board,

Magnetic head--Dirt on the surface of the magnetic head.


Bearing, gear--Metal filings and impurities left during the processing of internal and external sheath of bearing,

Spring--cleaning before spring turning black,

Vernier caliper, measuring tool--Metal filings and oil stain left during the processing of parts,

Oil choke, oil pump--Metal filings and dirt left during the process of inner hole of oil choke and oil pump,

Screw rod, air valve, pneumatic elements--Iron filings, cutting oil and

abrasive left while processing.

Automotive, motorcycle, aircraft

To remove oil, grease, preservative, plastic residue left during mechanical cutting, grinding abrasive, glass fiber, dust, graphite and tar from Automotive air valve, glow plug, gasification plug, fuel pump, piston ring, battery terminal, machine control hand-wheel,



weapons cleaning, such as guns, rifle, bullets , handcuffs, etc.


--For cleaning and lubrication.

Printing industry

Rotative machine, metal plate, Printer ink head, printer cartridges


-- To clean ink, oil and dye on the surface of printing machine & parts.

Repair industry

Musical instrument repair shop, vehicle maintenance shops, motorcycle repair shop, mobile phones & interphone repair shop, gun repair shop, etc.


--To clean dirt, impurity and oils from surface of tools and spare parts.

Watch & clock Gear wheel, pin, screw, movement of watches for watch manufacture,



repair shops, Watch collectors, etc.


--For cleaning.

Magnetic industry Magnetic materials --Magnetic powder to be cleaned.
Pharmaceutical industry

Medicine bottles-- Cleaning of the medicine bottles before loading medicine.


Use for Pharmaceutical factories and pharmaceutical machinery companies.


Injectors, operating instrument, pipet, glass container, esophagoscope, dental machinery, proctoscope, direction lens, microscope-used sample glasses.


--To clean residue on the used operating instruments.

--Use for Various large pharmaceutical and hospitals.


Dental instruments like dental forceps, etc; prosthetic materials like bridges, crowns and prostheses.


--For cleaning and disinfection.

--Use for dental Clinic, dental Colleges,etc.

Tattoo Tattoo instruments.
Optical components

Spectacles, magnifying glass, telescope, microscope, camera, vidicon, etc.


--To clean lenses and the accessories.

Podiatry Chiropody instruments be hygienically clean and sterile.

Laboratory glassware, lenses, instruments , polishes, burettes, pipettes and precision components.


--Thoroughly removing biological fluids, blood, protein, and contaminants from it.

Jewelry industrial

Jewelry tools,

Precious stones, jewelries.


--To frequently clean off residue of polishing pastes and oxidations.

--Special use for jewellery makers.

Metal items

Metal cutlery (knives/forks etc),old coins, metal badges, valves, machine nozzles, small metal parts etc.


--For cleaning.


Model Tank Size Unit Size Volume Ultrasonic Power Ultrasonic Frequency Heating Power Timer Heating Temperature
L x W x H (mm) L x W x H (mm) (L) (W) (KHz) (W) (MIN) (℃)
GT SONIC-D2 150x140x100 190x170x220 2 50 40kHz 100 1-99 0-80
GT SONIC-D3 240x140x100 270x170x240 3 100 100 1-99 0-80
GT SONIC-D6 300x155x150 330x180x310 6 150 300 1-99 0-80
GT SONIC-D9 300x240x150 330x270x310 9 200 300 1-99 0-80
GT SONIC-D13 330x300x150 360x330x310 13 300 400 1-99 0-80
GT SONIC-D20 500x300x150 550x330x310 20 400 500 1-99 0-80
GT SONIC-D27 500x300x200 550×330×360 27 500 500 1-99 0-80



What can I clean using ultrasonic technology?

This list is almost endless. Provided the product is non porous and can normally be immersed in water almost anything can be thoroughly cleaned.

Here are some examples:

Jewelry especially gold, silver & platinum

Watchstraps & Waterproof Watches

Coins and other collectibles

Glasses & Sunglasses

PCB Boards etc

Engine/Model parts

Toothbrushes & Dentures

CD & DVD's (Household series VGT-1000)

Which industry is ultrasonic cleaning suitable for?

Optical and glass industry

Electronic industry

Chemical industry

Galvanic industry

Fine mechanical industry

Power stations (Engine components)

Metal industry

Automobile industry


Jewelry and jewelry tools scope


Control Panel Details:


LED Display SUS304 GT SONIC Cleaner Lab 6L With Memory Function 0


Packaging Details:


LED Display SUS304 GT SONIC Cleaner Lab 6L With Memory Function 1

LED Display SUS304 GT SONIC Cleaner Lab 6L With Memory Function 2LED Display SUS304 GT SONIC Cleaner Lab 6L With Memory Function 3LED Display SUS304 GT SONIC Cleaner Lab 6L With Memory Function 4


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