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Benchtop Ultrasonic Dental Cleaner Small Capacity Black Color Degas Function

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Made in china
Brand Name: GT SONIC
Certification: CE, ROHS, Reach, FCC
Model Number: GT SONIC-D2
Minimum Order Quantity: 1pc
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Brown carton box
Delivery Time: 3-25 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500 units per day
Model: GT SONIC-D2 Quantity: 4pcs/CTN
Frequency: 40kHz Temperature: 0-80℃
Tank Size: 150x140x100mm Volume: 2L
High Light:

ultrasonic denture cleaner


automatic denture cleaner

2L Digital Dental Instrument Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner 100W With Degas Function
1. LED display for temperature and timer.
2. Normal and soft power control to resolve the cleaning blind spot.
3. Stamping tank without welding gap for better waterproof.
4. DEGAS function for improving the cleaning effect.
5. Temperature:0-80℃ adjustable.
6. Timer:1-99minutes adjustable.
7. Certificate: CE, ROHS, Reach, FCC,ISO:9001 & 14001.

Bearing, gear--Metal filings and impurities left during the processing of internal and external sheath of bearing,

Spring--cleaning before spring turning black,

Vernier caliper, measuring tool--Metal filings and oil stain left during the processing of parts,

Oil choke, oil pump--Metal filings and dirt left during the process of the inner hole of oil choke and oil pump,

Screw rod, air valve, pneumatic elements--Iron filings, cutting oil and

abrasive left while processing.

Automotive, motorcycle, aircraft

To remove oil, grease, preservative, plastic residue left during mechanical cutting, grinding abrasive, glass fiber, dust, graphite, and tar from Automotive air valve, glow plug, gasification plug, fuel pump, piston ring, battery terminal, machine control hand-wheel,

motorcycle air-valve,etc.


weapons cleaning, such as guns, rifle, bullets, handcuffs, etc.


--For cleaning and lubrication.

Printing industry

Rotative machine, metal plate, Printer ink head, printer cartridges


-- To clean ink, oil, and dye on the surface of printing machine & parts.

Model Tank Size Unit Size Volume Ultrasonic Power Ultrasonic Frequency Heating Power Timer Heating Temperature
L x W x H (mm) L x W x H (mm) (L) (W) (KHz) (W) (MIN) (℃)
GT SONIC-D2 150x140x100 190x170x220 2 50 40kHz 100 1-99 0-80
GT SONIC-D3 240x140x100 270x170x240 3 100 100 1-99 0-80
GT SONIC-D6 300x155x150 330x180x310 6 150 300 1-99 0-80
GT SONIC-D9 300x240x150 330x270x310 9 200 300 1-99 0-80
GT SONIC-D13 330x300x150 360x330x310 13 300 400 1-99 0-80
GT SONIC-D20 500x300x150 550x330x310 20 400 500 1-99 0-80
GT SONIC-D27 500x300x200 550×330×360 27 500 500 1-99 0-80
Why is Ultrasonic Cleaning so Efficient and Effective?
When cavitation happens near a dirty object, the vacuum action produced by those million of bubbles constantly imploding creates a tiny pressure wave that reaches deep into every nook and cranny of even the most delicate items. This tiny pressure wave dislodges and breaks up the dirt and other contaminants and gently lifts it away. The result is a very fast and effective cleaning
1. Do I have to fill my tank to the "MAX" line?
YES! Your Ultrasonic cleaner's manufacturer designed the unit to work best when filled to that “ MAX” line. If underfilled, the characteristics of the environment change, which could result in improper Ultrasonic transmission, which in turn could result in poor cleaning performance or damage to the unit. Units with a heater are especially at risk of damage due to underfilling. Drying running will damage heating elements and tank.
2. What is De-gassing?
De-gassing is the removal of dissolved oxygen trapped in a liquid. In Ultrasonic cleaning systems, using the degas mode speeds up air release throughout the tank, thereby improving Ultrasonic cleaning efficiency.
3. How Long Should an Ultrasonic Cleaning Cycle Be?
There is no set amount of time or “typical” cleaning cycle. How dirt the part is, the temperature of the tank, how clean the part is to be, and the condition of the Ultrasonic cleaning solution all contribute to the length of the cleaning cycle.
Generally, for 2-27L machine suggest the machine not continuously running for 30 minutes, please stop at least 20 minutes before a new running cycle. If you need a long time continuously running, an industrial series Ultrasonic cleaner can be approved.
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