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Durable SONIC Wave Ultrasonic Cleaner Mechanical Timer / Heater Control

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GT SONIC
Certification: CE / FCC / ROHS
Model Number: VGT-2227QT
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Standard carton packing, carton size 645*435*490mm
Delivery Time: 3-25 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability: 500pcs/day
Volume: 27L Ultrasonic Frequency: 40kHz
Ultrasonic Power: 500W Heating Power: 500W
Timer: 1-99MIN Heating Temperature: 0-80℃
Tank Size: 500*300*200(L*W*H)mm Unit Size: 550*330*360(L*W*H)mm
Type: Ultrasonic Cleaning Device
High Light:

ultrasonic cleaning equipment


ultrasonic cleaning device

27L 500W Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 40KHZ SONIC Wave Ultrasonic Cleaner

QT Series Mechanical Ultrasonic Cleaner for Cleaning Laboratory Glassware, Cleaning laboratory glassware such as flasks, graduated
cylinders, burettes and pipettes require careful handling to avoid breakage. Lab glassware of complex shape is also difficult to clean. Substituting an Ultrasonic cleaner for manual washing and lab glassware washing machines not only can reduce breakage and associated replacement costs but also delivers a thorough cleaning job thanks to the power of cavitation action.


Available for the fast delivery of OEM customers.

Mechanical control the cleaning timer and heater.

Whole machine made of stainless steel.

Drainage and cool fan are available for 6L-27L models.

Ceramic heaters provide an improved heating effect.



Model Tank size Unit size Volume Ultrasonic power Ultrasonic frequency Heating power Timer Heating temperature
L×W×H(mm) L×W×H(mm) (L)


(kHz) (W) (MIN) (℃)
VGT-1613T 150*140*65 190*170*185 1.3 50 40 / 0-15 /
GT-1620T 150*135*100 176*162*226 2 50 / 0-15 /
VGT-1730QT 240*135*100 265*161*226 3 100 100 0-20 20-80
VGT-1860QT 299*150*151 325*175*305 6 150 300 0-20 20-80
VGT-1990QT 299*240*151 330*265*305 9 200 300 0-20 20-80
VGT-2013QT 328*300*151 345*325*310 13 300 400 0-20 20-80
VGT-2120QT 505*300*151 530*325*327 20 400 500 0-20 20-80
VGT-2227QT 505*300*201 530*325*377 27 500 500 0-20 20-80



Industry Items to clean
Moulds Plastic tool models
Electronics Relay—remove metal filings and impurities,
Potentiometer-- impurities and oil stain on moving contact,
Vacuum tube parts-- Dirt and impurity on the polar plate of electron gun,
Semiconductor element--Dir on the surface of silicon wafer and crystal wafer,
Capacitor--Dirt on pins of capacitor,
Printed circuit board--Ink and oxide left during processing printed circuit board,
Magnetic head--Dirt on the surface of the magnetic head.
Mechanical Bearing, gear--Metal filings and impurities left during the processing of internal and external sheath of bearing,
Spring--cleaning before spring turning black,
Vernier caliper, measuring tool--Metal filings and oil stain left during the processing of parts,
Oil choke, oil pump--Metal filings and dirt left during the process of inner hole of oil choke and oil pump,
Screw rod, air valve, pneumatic elements--Iron filings, cutting oil and abrasive left while processing.
To remove oil, grease, preservative, plastic residue left during mechanical cutting, grinding abrasive, glass fiber, dust, graphite and tar from Automotive air valve, glow plug, gasification plug, fuel pump, piston ring, battery terminal, machine control hand-wheel, motorcycleair-valve,etc.
Armurerie weapons cleaning, such as guns, rifle, bullets , handcuffs , etc. --For cleaning and lubrication.
Printing industry Rotative machine, metal plate,
Printer ink head, printer cartridges
-- To clean ink, oil and dye on the surface of printing machine & parts.
Repair industry Musical instrument repair shop, vehicle maintenance shops, motorcycle repair shop, mobile phones & interphone repair shop, gun repair shop, etc.
--To clean dirt, impurity and oils from surface of tools and spare parts.

Product Details: 

Durable SONIC Wave Ultrasonic Cleaner Mechanical Timer / Heater Control 0Durable SONIC Wave Ultrasonic Cleaner Mechanical Timer / Heater Control 1



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