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PLC Industrial GT SONIC Cleaner With Dual Frequency Adjustable Power

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: GT SONIC
Certification: CE/FCC/GS/ROHS/PSE
Model Number: GT SONIC-SD288
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Wooden Box
Delivery Time: 3-25 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100pcs/day
Ultrasonic Power: 7000W Heating Power: 0-3000W
Volume: 288L Tank Size: 800*600*600MM
Ultrasonic Frequency: 28kHz And 40kHz Heating Temperature: 30-110 ℃
High Light:

ultrasonic record cleaner


portable ultrasonic cleaner

PLC Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner GT SONIC Cleaner Digital Cleaner with Dual Frequency Adjustable Power

GT SONIC - SD Series industrial Ultrasonic cleaner are available in 28 and 40 kHz frequencies for more precise cleaning of rough and fine items. This series has been optimized in detail to greatly enhance user experience. Dimensions can be customized. Oil skimmer & bubbling system & filtration system upon clients’ requirements.


1. Equipped with PLC Control system (Process parameters settings only could be changed by qualified persons).

2. Dual frequency of 28 and 40 kHz for different cleaning items.

3. Adjustable temperature from 30° to 110°C.

4. Adjustable power from 0 to 100%.

5. Built-in generator for saving space and looking better.

6. Tank is designed with basket holder and overflow protection.

7. Fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel, acid,alkali and corrosion resistant.

8. Digital display showing real time data is intuitive and controllable.

9. Adopting water level pipe and auto heating control system for prolong service life and ensure safety.

10. Caster with brake, safer and more convenient.


Model No.

Tank Size


Ultrasonic Frequency
Ultrasonic Power
Heating Power





GT SONIC-SD77 550*400*350 77 28 & 40 0-1200 3000 0-32767s 30-110℃
GT SONIC-SD105 600*500*350 105 0-1500 4000
GT SONIC-SD144 600*600*400 144 0-1800 5000
GT SONIC-SD189 700*600*450 189 0-2400 6000
GT SONIC-SD288 800*600*600 288 0-3000 7000


Mainly used in automotive industry, optical industry, electroplating industry, electronics industry, precision hardware industry, medical industry, etc. for cleaning precision mechanical parts, metal parts, optical lens, machine parts, before and after plating, etc.


1. Which cleaning solution shouldn’t I use?

Flammables or solutions that have very low flash points should never be used. Cavitation releases energy which is then turned into heat and kinetic energy. As a result of that, high temperature gradients in the solutions are produced. This can be very hazardous for the part being cleaned. Acids, bleach and bleach by-products should generally be avoided. but may be used with indirect cleaning in a proper indirect cleaning container, such as a glass beaker, and appropriate care.Strong acid or alkaline cleaning solution will damage stainless steel tanks,to overcome this problem,pls use mild PH solution.

2. When should the Ultrasonic solutions be changed?

Solution should be changed when the solution is very dirty or depleted or when you notice a decrease in cleaning action.However, you must remember that every cleaning session does not require a new batch of solution.

3. What is direct and indirect cleaning?

Direct cleaning occours when the parts are cleaned in the cleaning solution which fills the cleaner.Usual the parts inside the mesh cleaning basket.

The indirect Ultrasonic cleaning is used when the parts to be cleaned are placed in a remove tank or beakers that contains cleaning chemical that could damage the Ultrasonic cleaner.

4. How to Maintain Your Ultrasonic Cleaners?

a. In order to function, the ultrasound cleaner needs an adequate solution and by now, you should know to Strong acid or alkaline cleaning solution will cause corrosion, rust and even puncture of tank or machine body. To overcome this problem, dilute to mild PH solution or request for a tank made of a specific grade of stainless steel like SUS304.

b. Always unplug the unit before draining the solution. Leaving the heating elements energized by accident can cause them to overheat and fail. Also, water and electricity don’t mix, and the combination can be lethal when the human body is involved with excess splashing.

c. DO NOT operate the unit without fluid in the tank. When filling the tank, always ensure that the “MAX” marking is not exceeded.

d. Do not run the device for an extended time or continuously.

e. Do not hit the device. Be careful when moving the device.

f. Use a piece of cloth to cleaning and dry the tank after use it.

5.GT SONIC Machines' Warranty

Warranties on our Ultrasonic cleaners are 12 (twelve) months under correct manual use from the date of sale.

The procedure of after sale service.

a. contact the person in charge of your business immediately.

b. Give a detailed description of the defective machine.

c. Provide relative pictures: rear label, the defective part, the overall of the machine.

Product details:

PLC Industrial GT SONIC Cleaner With Dual Frequency Adjustable Power 0PLC Industrial GT SONIC Cleaner With Dual Frequency Adjustable Power 1

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